kjkabza.com: now mobile-responsive (and spiffier in general)

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September 18, 2017

It's the new kjkabza.com, WordPress-ified and made mobile responsive. Admire! Care!

Welcome to the revamped kjkabza.com.

Whoa. What madness is this? It’s the new kjkabza.com, WordPress-ified and made mobile responsive, because (despite the fervent wishes of my old website’s aesthetic) it is no longer the early 2000s and Old Timey Static Websites are one of the many industries that millennials are killing.

By which I mean: the old website was getting, well, old. And all the pictures were very tiny.

My new website has the same great stuff as the old one, including free fiction, as well as some changes, such as higher-res images, dedicated pages for my books, and quotes plastered all over the banners about how amazerockets my work is. Which is (ahem) a respectable branding tactic and not, in fact, overkill.

However, the big exciting new feature of the revamped website is this News page, which I’ll use to share long-form announcements with you all–giveaways, event schedules, book news, and so on–before they vanish within Twitter’s ravening maw. I might even have the urge to state an occasional long-form opinion about something, too. Stay tuned!

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