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April 23, 2018
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October 25, 2018

I've made a minor tweak to the contents of my bibliography.

Earlier in my writing career, when I was eligible to do so, I submitted many of my stories to a certain writing contest that has since prompted a lot of discussion in the genre community about its legitimacy and effect (or lack thereof) on the average contest winner’s career. While I myself have never been treated poorly by anyone affiliated with WOTF, I have no reason to doubt the firsthand accounts by those who have come forward with complaints. As such, I also have no desire to offer any sort of endorsement of WOTF going forward, whether explicit or implied.

In the past, I have included on my bibliography page, with each story entry, a note about what kind of honors (if any) that story received in the contest (including Honorable Mention, Semi-Finalist, and Finalist). I don’t want to bolster the legitimacy of a questionable enterprise by attaching its name to my work, so I have now removed those honors from those entries.

An acquaintance of mine (who also writes short stories) once told me that, in the publishing world, “Short fiction is the Valley of Nobody Gives A Shit.” Meaning, as it applies to this particular case, that the removal of WOTF honors from long-ago stories from the bibliography of a somewhat-low-profile short fiction author probably won’t even attract a yawn from anyone. Still, I feel that it’s the right thing to do.


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